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*Roaming Access Service

Do not worry about spending a lot of money for long distance calls when you access Internet while on business trip or on vacation. From anywhere in the U.S.A., even you are at locations where no JapanNet local access numbers are available, you can access Internet using toll free number. Access charges will be applied for this service.

Access Number 1(888)533-8396
Phone Line Charge Free *1
Access Charge $4.00 / 30min.
Service Area U.S.A.
(excl. Guam, Saipan, Puerto Rico, etc.)
*1: Surcharges may be applied when you access through this number at some hotels and lodgings.

*Global Roaming Access Service

While you are visiting overseas countries, you can access to Internet and check your e-mail. Global Roaming Access is provided through local asscess point network.

Access Number Please refer to the Access Number List.
Phone Line Charge depends on local phone service
Access Charge $4.00 / 30min.
Service Area Japan, England, France, Germany, HongKong, Singapore, Brazil, etc.

Instruction for Roaming Service
1. Before Departure
(1) If you are taking your device overseas with the intention of using this service, check beforehand with the device manufacturer on the operations of the device while you are abroad. We do not accept inquiries on operations of each device.
(2) Countries and regions have different power-supply voltages and modular plug outlet shapes. Please check beforehand and make preparations if you are using your device overseas.
(3) Check the method of setup and the access points before you leave. Write out a memo on details and take it with you.
(4) It is required to install the unique dialer in order to use the access points of iPass.
2. During Stay
(1) Each city generally has a number of access points that you could use for Roaming Service. If you are not able to make access due to modem compatibility, try another access point.
(2) KDDI, its affiliates and ISPs that have tie-ups with KDDI may change or abolish service area without prior notice due to their circumstances. Furthermore, KDDI, its affiliates and ISPs that have tie-ups with KDDI may stop providing part or whole of their services without prior notice.
(3) We do not guarantee any of the operations of the software offered for this service when used under the user's environment.
(4) Local laws and business codes established by domestic and foreign telecommunications operators and ISPs that have tie-ups with KDDI may place restrictions on the use of this service. In such a case, user needs to comply with the laws of the countries and regions in relation to all the networks that the user will pass through. Furthermore, if such a case arises, it will be necessary for the user to follow the business codes of the telecommunications operators and ISPs that have tie-ups with KDDI and the network policies.
(5) KDDI will not take any responsibility and will not make any compensation whatsoever for damages caused by using the service or by not being able to use the service.
(6) Local phone service charge to the Access Number is not included in our service charge.

JapanNet Help Desk: 1-888-533-2477

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